Collector's Testimonials


When I look at a Promessi painting I have the feeling I know what is going to happen in the next hour. I feel I could enter the scene, and I want to step right in and see what is on the other side of the horizon.

—Daniela Abel, Pots For the Soul, Helena, Montana

Our Promessi landscape is a daily inspiration to us. He captured the majesty of the Nevada desert as only those who have been there can appreciate ... and we do.

—Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, Gardnerville, Nevada
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We are admirers of Jim's California landscapes. His use of pastels has successfully captured the nuances of the foothills, their oaks, creeks, and grazing meadows. As Californians living in the East, we appreciate Jim's ability to capture its essence and are now proud owners of one of his superb landscapes.

—Gary and Karen Tapella, Connecticut

I purchased a pastel floral still life by Jim Promessi, and though several years have gone by, the colors, grace and beauty of the piece give me continuing enjoyment. Visitors invariably are drawn to the painting, and I am proud to tell them about the artist and his studio.

Judy McDowell, Real Estate Financing Consultant, Capitol Trust Mortgage, San Jose, California

Jim's work is awesome and vibrates with life. When I see one of his pastels I am drawn in and want to study the piece. I am a proud owner of Red Onions on a Kitchen Table.

—Barbara Tapella, California

Our company owns two of Jim's paintings. One of his landscapes hangs in my office. I get many comments on it from visitors. When I look at it, it reminds me of a place that is very peaceful. Jim is a master.

—Don DeHart, DeHART's Media Services, Santa Clara, California

We have enjoyed Jim's work for many years. His Matilija is my favorite, and it is the focal point of our dining room. The manner in which he uses the depth and intensity of color captures the spirit of each of his subjects.

—Kathy and Steve Ryan, Saratoga, California

I have admired your paintings for many years, hoping someday to have one. I feel so fortunate to finally have your Geraniums prominently displayed in my living room. I am drawn to the deep, rich colors of the piece. In all your work, whether it's landscapes, portraits or still lifes, your style is an exchange of tranquility and strength.

—Carole Gallien, Woodland Hills, California